Sunday, July 1, 2007

6-29/30-07 38-40 Purgo Island

Stayed on the Island other than a jump out for COP.

Pretty much the same strat. Starting at the first beach to the west (contains 2x Birds, Opo's and Fish 1x Black Mandy, Slime, Kracken.) I would use the mandy and fish to take the two birds and if I made good time try an opo vs. opo. if I felt lucky I would convert the slime and take out the Kracken.
When my 2hr was up I would convert the slime to dc/em and go on a killing spree.

39-40 I would work the same beach till clear then take a lap around the island focusing on areas that contained 2x black mandy. I would sometimes stop in the area that is round with water spliting it in two to clear out the birds and opos, taking the kracken with slime. The nice thing about this area is the slime usualy stops chasing you at the very edge of the water and will poof out so I generaly stood as far off as possible and dragged the T slimes over for a quick covert.

@ 40 +1k buffer warped out and took care of my AF axe and ran a price check on gear, BST is so nice on the wallet that way.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

6-27-06 36-38

Carried on in Bibiki for a on the 26th till 37 efts and dhamels vs. all.

6-27 37-38

Started in bibiki at the docks burning off an empress charge, near the last possible kill on it I lagged out was killed by a gob everything looked ok RR'd up and lag got me again, seems it jumped the gob right behind me even tho its pixels were not on screen ><. Took the forced blood warp to bastok -> whitegate -> jeuno and picked up fresh gear and food with some lvl 40 stuff and decided to try out Purgonorgo Isle 99% of everything was T finaly found a beach with an EM fish and Mandy and 2x Toucans that spawned. Used fish or mandy vs. toucan with pet food managed to keep up chain 1 then rest rinse repeat for about 2.5-3k per hour.
At 38 tried a EM clot w/ 2hr and went around killing every em and T that wasnt in a link zone for giggles, slightly crappy exp lesson learned.

@ 38 it went to maybe 80% T vs. almost all T so making a converted pet camp would be easier. Only had a few mischarms scary moments due to forgetting to swap back chr gear and no deaths.

Eventually my connection crapped out so I just went to bed.

So Purgonorgo Isle can be done at 37 with a bit of work my suggested camp is @ I-8 beach there are 2x fish and 1 mandy that can be used as pets if converted to em just make sure to heel the pet back to its spawn areaat start of fight or pull the mob there w/e works. The fish have a pretty wide roam area but the mandy seemed to poof if taken very far from its spawn. A few times I was moving fast enough I ran a fish north a bit to take a T fish that spawned there.

Toucans seemed to be evasive as all hell even with tuna sushi and a PCC learned to not release until 4% or lower even with TP.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

6-25-07 35-36

Whizzz bang weeeee {Leave} rawks.

Stayed in Bibiki Bay other than a quick trip out to grab lvl 36 CHR rings and some more food.
36 opened the whole area to kill as fast as I possibly could and can now comfortably engage mob for a good portion of the fight allowing me to kill off Toughs with a low DC, on Dhamels I usually needed to toss some pet food if they got off a lucky Stomp or Two during the fight.

Think I am under 2k -> 37 now. I am planning to continue to 37-38 before either heading to Purgonorgo Isle or Sea Serpent Grotto

Monday, June 25, 2007

6-24-06 34-35 zomg Leave

Spent all day sunday (4.5 hours) working on 34-35 in bibiki, took time out for a quick escort run and netted 1114 exp.

Took me a while struggling with Eft vs. Birds to realize what a craptastic idea that is got gang raped twice with links and mischarms happening hand in hand. Started to work the Gob Shaman on the ramp and going to the Gob Pathfinder a bit farther in. Ghetto leave bit me in the ass more than a few times when the gobs just couldn't kill the eft off and I had two angry mobs chasing me..... Had to log off at 3pm and promised the wife tv and movies so I figured I would be 1.3k tnl until monday night.
Managed to slide back on around 12am and hit 35 before 1am, SE was throwing me a bone or something because the gobs kept popping T and the Efts kept popping EM.

Ding 35! played with leave for a bit then started to exp some looking for a buffer.

Mmmmmmm Leave.

6-23-07 32-34

32 Continued on in Korroloka in a slow and steady grind. Crab and Leech vs. Crab and Leech

33 I dub thee the Hell Level. 10 deaths at minimum.
Now a bit high for korroloka I wandered and managed to die in many new and exciting zones, basically wasting a whole level.
Quifm had many mischarms and died warped to bastok to regroup and headed to:
Bibiki Bay nothing really at a safe prey level, learned twice bout efts geist wail or w/e strip your RR and kill you fun! warped to bastok and flew to:
Lufaise Meadows took 4.74 bees to kill one sheep 300 exp with ring then aggro'd a bugard and died. warped to bastok then went to:
Gusgen Mines, holy shit this place was fun and good exp too bad everything aggroes and the "safe" camp still has elementals made a few k in exp and lost a few k. warped out and went to:
Carpenters Landing, slowwwwwwww exp gave up trying to chase tigers and flew back to bastok and finished up in Quifm.

In Quifm it finally hit me that I should not do leech vs. leech and started on a leech vs. Goblin Bounty hunt. Dinged 34 and called it a day.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

6-22-07 30-32 !

30 Logged in at Carpenters Landing and stayed for a full ring charge, Fungus and Beetle vs. Fungas. Took me to 3400 into 30.

Went to Korroloka and found the far notrth map camp by altep zone and worked between the two scorp rooms using Leech and Crab vs. Crab until 31, left tunnel for supplies and came back and hit 32.

Quick break after 32 to do escort run that netted 1443 exp then back to Crabs till 3k into 32.

Had to deal with npc levelers, a Nin + Npc exp'n and last run with a BST that tried to take my camp. Shut down the other bst by taking a T scorp with 2hr and killed every leech in sight for 20 minutes till he left. Was it a crappy thing to do? Maybe but I had my seacom up, he came in examined me and went to work. Maybe I'll start a list of asshats here Repress is the first to go on that list.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Where to go next? and thoughts on server migration.

According to friends and online infos the Altep end of Korroloka is the place to be. I am considering this post 31 if the exp dies in CL. Last time is was there tho it was swamped with RMT and PL and RMT PL's. However the prospect of 2hr'n the scorpion makes me feel warm and fuzzy ^^.

Another option would be Maze of Shakhrami via Bubu zone to 32, Yuhtunga Jungle @32-33, Eastern Altepa Desert 32-34, Quifm Leech mania, Lufaise Meadows 32-37 and so on, I really think Gusgen Bombs would be a bit scary at 32 and by 33 I can roll in bibiki. Heh I still have 1.75 levels to worry about the 32+ areas....

Since I am currently in love with Carpenters Landing I think I will stick to Dalaren's guide and move out of the tunnels post 31 who knows tho area jumping is almost fun with the new OP levels so changing my mind on the fly is always an option. Ahh well anyway you look at it the versatility of this job and when and where you can go never ceases to amaze me.

On to sever migration:

I keep getting urges to sever hop, I still have yet to find one good reason><.
My main concern atm is that lower level bst will swarm to shiva for LoTB and will ultimately hinder my progress (competition sucks). I know its probably paranoid of me and a wee bit selfish to worry about that so soon, time will tell though.