Thursday, June 21, 2007

6-20-07 29-30


Started in Quifm in the bat cave, things were not going well, loads of mischarms and my prey of choice Dancing weapons were spamming cure 3 like it was going out of style so... I took off to Korroloka again, found a DC slime 2hr'd it and went on a 2.5k rampage vs. spiders, combats and any ep at my camp during the wait between pops. After 30 I went and tried the crab/pug/spider rooms. 2 people in funky gear with a equally crappy geared PL cleaning out the crabs so I struggled through enough kills to net me a buffer and walked out and logged.

I think I will try carpenters landing tonight or this weekend depending on cop staic running Thursday or Friday this week it sucks not logging with a good chunk of the level gone as I have usually done so I may not make 31 in one sitting.


bosco said...

in korroloka, there are a couple of pools on the ninja flag map (map that leads to west altep, east side of rabao).

you can find scorpions, crabs and leeches (make sure to sneak up past the ghosts under the bridge).

its usually not as populated as the korro crab room

Xylos/Jake said...

Thanks for the Info Bosco, I'm going to pop over there at 31 if things slow down in Carpenters.

I hear if you 2hr the scorp its mad fun.