Wednesday, June 20, 2007

6-19-07 28-29

Started in Korroloka with a 2hr jelly and exp ring charge from the day before, netted 1500 exp or so before a linked spider took out my jelly.

Went to Quifm and got a "little" cocky and learned my lesson when an anon jp bst took it upon themselves to charm my pet then attck the next thing in line thus causing my death.

Pretty much stayed in the bat cave killing bats and weapons till night fall then run out for some wights till a bit past 29.

Tried a 2hr slime in korroloka at 29 all I could find was an ep so he lasted maybe 20 minutes. Traveled the tunnel looking at crab, pug and spider camps everything was still T I think I found 2 EM crabs and 1 EM spider eventualy caught aggro and warped out. Have to come back at 30 and try again.

Went back to quifm to finish off last of 2nd exp charge in the bat cave ended up 1/3-1/2 into 29
, should be able to hit 30 off a exp charge then back to town to regear.

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