Sunday, July 1, 2007

6-29/30-07 38-40 Purgo Island

Stayed on the Island other than a jump out for COP.

Pretty much the same strat. Starting at the first beach to the west (contains 2x Birds, Opo's and Fish 1x Black Mandy, Slime, Kracken.) I would use the mandy and fish to take the two birds and if I made good time try an opo vs. opo. if I felt lucky I would convert the slime and take out the Kracken.
When my 2hr was up I would convert the slime to dc/em and go on a killing spree.

39-40 I would work the same beach till clear then take a lap around the island focusing on areas that contained 2x black mandy. I would sometimes stop in the area that is round with water spliting it in two to clear out the birds and opos, taking the kracken with slime. The nice thing about this area is the slime usualy stops chasing you at the very edge of the water and will poof out so I generaly stood as far off as possible and dragged the T slimes over for a quick covert.

@ 40 +1k buffer warped out and took care of my AF axe and ran a price check on gear, BST is so nice on the wallet that way.

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