Thursday, June 28, 2007

6-27-06 36-38

Carried on in Bibiki for a on the 26th till 37 efts and dhamels vs. all.

6-27 37-38

Started in bibiki at the docks burning off an empress charge, near the last possible kill on it I lagged out was killed by a gob everything looked ok RR'd up and lag got me again, seems it jumped the gob right behind me even tho its pixels were not on screen ><. Took the forced blood warp to bastok -> whitegate -> jeuno and picked up fresh gear and food with some lvl 40 stuff and decided to try out Purgonorgo Isle 99% of everything was T finaly found a beach with an EM fish and Mandy and 2x Toucans that spawned. Used fish or mandy vs. toucan with pet food managed to keep up chain 1 then rest rinse repeat for about 2.5-3k per hour.
At 38 tried a EM clot w/ 2hr and went around killing every em and T that wasnt in a link zone for giggles, slightly crappy exp lesson learned.

@ 38 it went to maybe 80% T vs. almost all T so making a converted pet camp would be easier. Only had a few mischarms scary moments due to forgetting to swap back chr gear and no deaths.

Eventually my connection crapped out so I just went to bed.

So Purgonorgo Isle can be done at 37 with a bit of work my suggested camp is @ I-8 beach there are 2x fish and 1 mandy that can be used as pets if converted to em just make sure to heel the pet back to its spawn areaat start of fight or pull the mob there w/e works. The fish have a pretty wide roam area but the mandy seemed to poof if taken very far from its spawn. A few times I was moving fast enough I ran a fish north a bit to take a T fish that spawned there.

Toucans seemed to be evasive as all hell even with tuna sushi and a PCC learned to not release until 4% or lower even with TP.

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