Saturday, June 23, 2007

6-22-07 30-32 !

30 Logged in at Carpenters Landing and stayed for a full ring charge, Fungus and Beetle vs. Fungas. Took me to 3400 into 30.

Went to Korroloka and found the far notrth map camp by altep zone and worked between the two scorp rooms using Leech and Crab vs. Crab until 31, left tunnel for supplies and came back and hit 32.

Quick break after 32 to do escort run that netted 1443 exp then back to Crabs till 3k into 32.

Had to deal with npc levelers, a Nin + Npc exp'n and last run with a BST that tried to take my camp. Shut down the other bst by taking a T scorp with 2hr and killed every leech in sight for 20 minutes till he left. Was it a crappy thing to do? Maybe but I had my seacom up, he came in examined me and went to work. Maybe I'll start a list of asshats here Repress is the first to go on that list.

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