Monday, June 25, 2007

6-24-06 34-35 zomg Leave

Spent all day sunday (4.5 hours) working on 34-35 in bibiki, took time out for a quick escort run and netted 1114 exp.

Took me a while struggling with Eft vs. Birds to realize what a craptastic idea that is got gang raped twice with links and mischarms happening hand in hand. Started to work the Gob Shaman on the ramp and going to the Gob Pathfinder a bit farther in. Ghetto leave bit me in the ass more than a few times when the gobs just couldn't kill the eft off and I had two angry mobs chasing me..... Had to log off at 3pm and promised the wife tv and movies so I figured I would be 1.3k tnl until monday night.
Managed to slide back on around 12am and hit 35 before 1am, SE was throwing me a bone or something because the gobs kept popping T and the Efts kept popping EM.

Ding 35! played with leave for a bit then started to exp some looking for a buffer.

Mmmmmmm Leave.

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