Friday, June 22, 2007

6-21-07 30

Went to try out the Carpenters Landing camp, just inside the zone from Jugner Forrest.

Stellar Shrieker and Beetle pops!

Note: the shrooms here do not link, but they do aggro.

Popped my exp ring and went to town in the first little room, after bit noticed another grouping of funguars and beetles a bit down the tunnel so I bounced between them trying to keep my kills EM-T.

Not many T's, a few more EM's than T's though. LOADS of dc's so I tried ghetto converting as I went. Managed 2k+ an hour very smoothly but I could only play for a short time and logged out a little over 1k tnl.

The shrooms re-pop very very fast, fast enough that attempting to clear the room and wait on pops became dangerous w/o staying in a safe area.

In non bst related news the COP static smoked Ouryu 1/1 gj guys! 2 deaths blm, and nin (to be expected and with the no exp loss fix no big deal).

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