Monday, June 25, 2007

6-23-07 32-34

32 Continued on in Korroloka in a slow and steady grind. Crab and Leech vs. Crab and Leech

33 I dub thee the Hell Level. 10 deaths at minimum.
Now a bit high for korroloka I wandered and managed to die in many new and exciting zones, basically wasting a whole level.
Quifm had many mischarms and died warped to bastok to regroup and headed to:
Bibiki Bay nothing really at a safe prey level, learned twice bout efts geist wail or w/e strip your RR and kill you fun! warped to bastok and flew to:
Lufaise Meadows took 4.74 bees to kill one sheep 300 exp with ring then aggro'd a bugard and died. warped to bastok then went to:
Gusgen Mines, holy shit this place was fun and good exp too bad everything aggroes and the "safe" camp still has elementals made a few k in exp and lost a few k. warped out and went to:
Carpenters Landing, slowwwwwwww exp gave up trying to chase tigers and flew back to bastok and finished up in Quifm.

In Quifm it finally hit me that I should not do leech vs. leech and started on a leech vs. Goblin Bounty hunt. Dinged 34 and called it a day.

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