Friday, June 22, 2007

Where to go next? and thoughts on server migration.

According to friends and online infos the Altep end of Korroloka is the place to be. I am considering this post 31 if the exp dies in CL. Last time is was there tho it was swamped with RMT and PL and RMT PL's. However the prospect of 2hr'n the scorpion makes me feel warm and fuzzy ^^.

Another option would be Maze of Shakhrami via Bubu zone to 32, Yuhtunga Jungle @32-33, Eastern Altepa Desert 32-34, Quifm Leech mania, Lufaise Meadows 32-37 and so on, I really think Gusgen Bombs would be a bit scary at 32 and by 33 I can roll in bibiki. Heh I still have 1.75 levels to worry about the 32+ areas....

Since I am currently in love with Carpenters Landing I think I will stick to Dalaren's guide and move out of the tunnels post 31 who knows tho area jumping is almost fun with the new OP levels so changing my mind on the fly is always an option. Ahh well anyway you look at it the versatility of this job and when and where you can go never ceases to amaze me.

On to sever migration:

I keep getting urges to sever hop, I still have yet to find one good reason><.
My main concern atm is that lower level bst will swarm to shiva for LoTB and will ultimately hinder my progress (competition sucks). I know its probably paranoid of me and a wee bit selfish to worry about that so soon, time will tell though.

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